St. Francis Mooresville

St. Francis Mooresville Surgery Center used SOIX benchmarking and outcomes monitoring system to focus on knee arthroscopy, a high volume procedure at the center.  Initially, there were two areas of concern shown in their online benchmarking reports for knee arthroscopy  – Recovery Time was longer than the benchmark average and Patient Perception of Excellence was lower than the benchmark average.  The challenge for the center was to try and lower their recovery time and raise the level of their patient’s perception of excellence without compromising their quality of care.

The center was able to successfully lower their recovery time and raise the level of patient perception of excellence by:

  • sharing the results with their staff (and physicians) through graphic reports and staff meetings,
  • adjusting staffing levels for heavier patient loads, and
  • developing documentation tools that would help identify reasons for prolonged stays, as well as track any patterns or trends

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St. Francis Mooresville
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